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  • Anne Marstein

Development of the plot area

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The area at Kopstad was regulated as a freight terminal in 2012. At that time, construction work was underway for the development of the new double-track Vestfold Railway through Holmestrand (Holm-Nykirke). At the time, the Norwegian Railways needed to find a suitable area for dumping excess material from the Holmestrand tunnel. Kopstad was chosen after the municipality of Horten had made sure that the Norwegian Railway Agency would provide a high-capacity branch to the terminal area. The Norwegian Railways did this through 2 letters in 2012 and 2013. This was the start of filling in the terminal area of 400 acres.

After this, Kopstad freight terminal development entered into an agreement with Norsk Gjenvinning as regarding the filling of bulk material in the terminal area. Construction work is ongoing in the area, with the area being filled with stone and other permanent filling materials. A replenishment plan has been drawn up and is being adjusted to suit the development of future activity. The aim is to have a completed buildable area by 2024/2025 at the same time as opening a new double track between Nykirke and Barkåker. Wike AS, is the contractor for the filling work itself.

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