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Kopstad Godsterminal om oss


Oslofjord Logistikk AS

Oslofjord Logistikk AS started its operations under the name Kopstad Godsterminal Utvikling in 2013. The company’s aim was to secure a new freight terminal to replace the current terminals as these are successively laid down in the Drammen area. The area is located in Horten municipality between the Vestfoldbanen railway and the E18, not far from both Port of Horten and the port area in Holmstrand.

As early as in 2009 H. Strøm A/S signed an agreement with several landowners in the area to zone the areas for possible future development for a freight terminal, and the area was designated for freight terminal use in 2012. In the same year Jernbaneverket agreed to create high-capacity track access to the terminal area. Norsk Gjenvinning (a Norwegian recycling company) is responsible for infill works at the site so that it can be built on in accordance with a cooperative agreement with Oslofjord Logistikk AS.

In 2019, a separate board was established for the company and the name was changed to Oslofjord Logistikk AS. The reason for the name change was that the business at Kopstad is intended to encompass activities over and above terminal operations (see our aim and vision), where the focus will be on logistic-targeted business.

Here is a link to our simplified business plan 


The board
Petter Eiken

​Petter Eiken


Petter Eiken is chair of Oslofjord Logistikk AS. He has considerable experience from the business world, both as a senior manager and in board positions. Petter Eiken retired in the autumn of 2019 as executive director of Bane NOR with responsibility for hubs and property.

Petter Eiken started at ROM Eiendom in 2014, which became part of Bane NOR in 2017. Before this, he was deputy managing director of Skanska Internasjonalt and managing director of Skanska Norway. He also has experience from the transport sector as a former chair of Norsk Jernbanedrift and has held several management positions in Veidekke.

Eiken has a degree in civil engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. He was born and raised in Porsgrunn in Telemark. He is currently chair of Conceptor Bolig AS, which is developing 2,400 apartments in the InterCity region.

Lars Hellik Strøm

Lars Hellik Strøm

Managing director

Lars Hellik Strøm is the managing director of Oslofjord Logistikk AS. He has worked in logistics all his working life, firstly within third-party logistics, but from 2003, with the EU's liberalisation of international freight traffic by rail, mostly within cross-border logistics with a focus on imports from Europe. This was also the reason why he came up with the idea of building a green logistics hub with rail connections at Kopstad.

The company H. Strøm logistikk was established in 1976 and later expanded into property as a result of the purchase of the Elopak factory at Spikkestad. The area was later converted into an apartment project, which led to great interest in property and housing development. Hellik Strøm has been on the board of NHO Logistikk og transport for a number of years and is currently a board member in region Øst, which includes members located in Viken. He is chair and board member of a number of companies linked to the family or the family's investments. These include  H. Strøm AS, H. Strøm Eiendom AS, H. Strøm Holding AS, Spikkestadkvatalene Boligprosjekt AS, Kopstad Godsterminal AS, H. Støm Tomteutvikling I AS, Toppenhaug Eiendom AS and he sits on the board of Stiftelsen Børsgården in Drammen. He graduated from the BI Norwegian Business School.

Anne Underthun Marstein

Anne Underthun Marstein

Board member

​Anne Cecilie Underthun Marstein is a member of the board of Oslofjord Logistikk AS. She has a degree in civil engineering from NTNU, Norway's University of Technology and Natural Sciences, and has extensive experience in assessing and planning transport facilities related to both road and rail, most recently as department director for planning and engineering at Jernbaneverket and then head of Bane NOR's input to the Action Plan to follow up the National Transport Plan, until she retired in 2019.

Prior to that, she was responsible for developing and planning  infrastructure in Østlandet for Jernbaneverket. Anne Cecilie Underthun Marstein was head of transport strategy and an advisor at Rambøll for five years, section leader of various units in the Norwegian Public Road Administration for 22 years, as well as an advisor at Scandiaplan, the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of the Environment. She has been on the board of the IT company Fara, chaired the board of NILU and sat on the Control Committee in Oslo municipality. She has been deputy leader of Oslo Venstre, sat on the City Committee in Nordre Aker in Oslo for two terms, and was second deputy in the Storting in the early 2000s.

Bjarte Engen Grostøl

Bjarte Engen Grostøl

Board member

Bjarte Engen Grostøl is a member of the board of Oslofjord Logistikk AS. He is the managing director of logistics  at ASKO, which is Norway’s largest distributor within the grocery sector and part of Norgesgruppen ASA. He started at ASKO in 2003. Grostøl has experience from a number of boards and is also chair of Norsk Metallgjenvinning AS and a board member of Plasretur AS, Grønt Punkt Norge AS and Norsk Resy AS. He is also a board member of the non-profit organisation LOOP, which works to get people to sort more and throw away less rubbish. Bjarte E. Grostøl was also managing director at Norsk Metallgjenvinning for an interim period from January 2017 to May 2019.​

Bjarte lives in Røyken and sits on the Asker municipal council for the Conservative Party on the Growth Committee. He has also held a number of local political positions in Røyken municipality, where he has been a member of the municipal council since 2011. He studied at the BI Business School, the University of Plymouth and the University of Stavanger.


Tom Eigel Bratsberg Larsen

Board member

Tom Eigel Bratsberg Larsen is a board member with CFO responsibility at Oslofjord logistik AS. Tom Eigel has a long and varied professional career with consultancy for businesses and organisations. He retired with an ordinary retirement pension after 35 years in finance and accounting, most recently after 23 years in Formue AS. Tom Eigel has several active roles with board work for organisations, foundations and companies, both as a board member and as board advisor. Has been an adviser to the Strøm I family for more than 25 years.

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