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Data protection

Your privacy

Our website uses cookies, or information cookies, in Norwegian .

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your browser, and each website you visit creates its own cookie.

The purpose of the cookie is to simplify and improve your user experience , for example by remembering which language you use, or which product you looked at last time. A cookie cannot be retrieved or used by others, and it works only on the website you are visiting. In other words, it is harmless.

If you give us your contact information, this information will be registered and stored. Managing your personal data is necessary for us to manage our commitments and to serve you, our customer. We will not share or sell your personal data with others, and information that is no longer necessary for its intended purpose will be removed from our systems. You will always be able to access the information that is registered about you or your company.

Data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comprises relatively new regulations first introduced in 2018, which set requirements on those who collect information about you.

The new regulations have for the most part been created to prevent the misuse of sensitive and detailed personal data . Examples of this can be racial and ethnic background, or political, philosophical or religious attitudes. It can also include information where a person has been suspected, charged, indicted or convicted of a criminal act, or more general information such as health conditions, sexual orientation, membership of trade unions, car registration number, images, fingerprints, iris pattern, date of birth and social security number

If contact information such as email and phone number via a contact form are the only personal information you as a company or as an individual give or receive, you do not need to worry. It is important to remember that these the regulations were created to protect us against those who want to exploit personal data for the wrong reasons.

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