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  • Anne Marstein

Business visit at Kopstad

On Monday the 18th of March, NHO Vestfold invited both parliamentary politicians, county mayors, mayors, LO (employee organisation) and the business associations in Holmestrand and Horten to a "Business visit" at the Kopstad facility.

1 and 2: Participants on a business visit at the Kopstad facility. 3: Programme/schedule and list of participants.

Petter Eiken explained the project, highlighted the status and what is now needed to get this in place. There was broad agreement on the importance of succeeding with this development (see fact sheet). Otherwise, the politicians were concerned with getting a boost for the further development of the Vestfold Railway and that it was necessary to raise the consideration of freight traffic by rail, especially with a "Jutland corridor perspective". There was great curiosity about what will come in the NTP, which will be presented next Friday. It is desirable from many quarters that this must be more realistic than before and can be a good basis for future allocations.

Fact sheet (norwegian text only):

Faktaark til mandag 18 mars
Download PDF • 372KB

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